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The Best Flooring For High Traffic Areas

When it comes to selecting flooring for a high traffic area of your home, there are many options. By installing the most durable flooring material for your budget, your home will have attractive flooring for many years.


Hardwood flooring is durable, long-lasting and generally considered to be very attractive. This material can be costly, but homeowners can view the expense as an investment. Wood floors are usually considered to be a plus for home buyers, adding value to a property. These floors are susceptible to scratching and may be damaged by improper care, but in most cases a refinishing will revitalize the flooring and make old boards look like new. Professional installation is recommended in most cases, but a confident homeowner may be able to install this flooring. Hardwood flooring is not generally considered appropriate for areas of the house where water is prevalent, as in the bathroom and kitchen.


Tile is a popular choice in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen where moisture is a consideration. Tile can be expensive but, like hardwood, can be considered an investment. Real tile is often seen as more attractive than some more cost-effective options, and thus may add resale value to a home. A confident homeowner can install tile personally, but professional installation is recommended.


Stone is highly durable and generally considered to be very beautiful. Unfortunately, stone requires professional installation, and the high cost of purchasing and installing stone may prevent some homeowners from considering stone a realistic option. Sealed stone is easy to clean and maintain.


Laminate flooring can be designed to mimic the appearance of stone or hardwood for a much lower cost. This type of flooring is durable and long-lasting, but standard laminate is susceptible to water damage. For an installation in a kitchen or bathroom area, homeowners should purchase waterproof laminate. Laminate flooring does not need to be installed by professionals but homeowners should be careful; a sloppy installation job is unattractive and can reduce the value of a home.


Vinyl flooring is relatively inexpensive, and tile vinyl is meant to be easy enough for homeowners to install personally. Vinyl flooring is usually designed to mimic the appearance of tile, but may come in a variety of colors and styles. This type of flooring is commonly found in the bathroom or kitchen. It is resistant to water damage and easy to clean and maintain, making it an attractive option for homeowners on a budget.


Consider installing distressed or antique flooring material. Distressed flooring material is intended to look imperfect, so unintended wear and tear will be less obvious. Antique flooring material, such as reclaimed floorboards from older homes or barns, will display a distressed, rustic character that potential home buyers find charming. Some wood floor companies also provide a hand-scraped option. These floorboards simulate the look of distressed or reclaimed wood.

Alternatively, floor runners and rugs present an inexpensive and relatively low-maintenance option for protecting high traffic areas. Rugs require no installation, and may be shampooed for many years of use and disposed of when no longer needed.




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